Sexy Funke Akindele Graces Y! Magazine Latest Edition

funke akindele y magazine edition

March 14, 2012 – Funke Akindele Graces Y! Magazine Latest Edition

It’s an edgy and sexy Funke Akindele on the cover of the influential pop culture brand Y! Magazine. The actress holds centre stage for the magazine’s 7th edition as it profiles the most exciting ideas across Nigeria — in technology, business, education, fashion, development, entertainment, the media, governance and more.

funke akindele ynaija

“Funke Akindele is a public face and name who best exemplifies the trend of pushing the envelope and staying at the cutting edge,” says Adebola Williams, who is managing editor for the magazine. “Where Nora Ephron meets Tyler Perry, she has several created iconic pop culture characters using indigenous language. Her movies are continuously at the cutting edge and she has set upon raising standards in a way that is inspiring to a new generation of filmmakers and professionals across sectors.

She’s definitely looking hot!