“Funke Akindele’s Jenifa’s Diary Show Is Boring” – Nigerians Think Actress Is Overusing Jenifa

funke akindele show boring

April 17, 2015 – Funke Akindele’s Jenifa’s Diary Debuts On AIT: Nigerians Think Actress Is Overusing Jenifa

The highly anticipated comedy show by Funke Akindele debuted Wednesday night on African Independent Television.

Some Nigerians believe Funke Akindele is likely to flop for over-using the name ‘Jenifa’.

Meanwhile here are some comments from fans who watched the show on Wednesday night

  1. Funke Akindele is over doing this her Jenifa thing. Its no longer interesting. Even when she’s on stage and does some jenifa thingy, its kinda stale.
    For her to be that creative to bring on jenifa, she should do something else biko. – Mosi Jubelo
  2. Why can’t she do something else? Why jenifa all the time? Its getting boring!!! She should have ended it with part 2 but no! She has to over flog it until we are tired – Anon
  3. Kudos Jenifer Akindele. At least it’s better than Emeka Ike that is doing nothing. – Oyibo
  4. The Jenifa brand is huge and successful. If Funke can add twists and more humour to it, then let her carry on. Fast and Furious is now up to Part 7, Die Hard I think got to part 5
  5. I watched it and it was very interesting and hilarious I swear, everyone in my house was just laughing, and to those saying doing jenifa again would be boring and the role has been over done, if something is good pls applaud it,
  6. I won’t watch it even if I get time sef…she should ve ventured into something newand fresh!Jenifa is stale!
  7. I watched it yesterday and I was irritated…. she needs to move beyond Jenifa…. we want something new.
  8. I’ve got this feeling it would be boring…if I could get tired of watching THE JOHNSON’S at some point – Scarlet

Did you guys watched it? How was it?