Funny Transcript Of Patience Jonathan’s Cry Video “Only You Waka Come? There Is God O, Chai”

patience jonathan there is God o

May 7, 2014 – Funny Transcript Of Patience Jonathan’s Cry Video “There Is God O, D Blood That Are Sharing….”

By now most of you must have watched the video of Nigeria’s First Lady Dame Patience Jonathan’s recent news conference on the abducted female students in Chibok, Borno state. have retrieved the transcript of the not-so-funny video.

This is exactly what our madam at the top said in the video:

Do u come with 2 teachers?
You were not informed too?
Continue.. no problem.. No problem God will see us
There is God in everything we are doing
Those bloods that are shearing in Borno will answer
What of two teachers.. two..eeeerm.. wayec..
2 teachers that can tell that they conducted that exam..
do you come with any?
No too? Only you waka come?
Now the first lady is calling you
come I want to help you find your baby (pauses)
Your missing child
will you keep quiet?
(Then she ends it with)
‘chai, chei There is God o
there is God o
The bloods that we are shearing There is God o(4times)
there is God o
there is God o

Watch the video below:

Which blood are they sharing???? This madam should go back to school abeg this is getting too much…. Haba. #truth be told#