Hausa & Yoruba Clashed In Orile Lagos: 3 Killed As Hausa Stabbed Yoruba Man In The Eye

hausa yoruba clash orile lagos

July 27, 2016 – Hausa & Yoruba Clashed In Orile Lagos:  3 Killed As Hausa Stabbed Yoruba Man  In The Eye

All hell broke loose yesterday at the White Sand area of Orile Lagos when a clash between Hausa and Yoruba residents led to a bloody riot.

On Monday, a Yoruba man identified as Ojo was robbed and stabbed by a Hausa man. The victim reported the attack to the police and in the process 10 Hausa men were arrested on the order of DPO Kayode Ayeni at Badia Police station.

So yesterday, the leader of the Hausa community at Orile invited Nigeria Customs Service officials to the place but on getting there, they met strong resistance from members of the OPC (Oodua Peoples Congress).

There was an exchange of gunfire which led to the death of 3 members of the Yoruba community.

An official of NCS and another community member were injured in the fraca.

Ijora king, Oba Abdulfatai Aromire has ordered the demolition of the notorious black spot over incessant fights between the Hausa and Yoruba residents.