Homeless Nigerian Couple Rejects Housing Offer, Demand Cash

Nov 18, 2011 – Homeless Nigerian Couple Rejects Housing Offer, Demand Cash

Do you remember the story of the homeless Nigerian couple NaijaGists.com shared with you few days ago, A UK-Based good Samaritan has offered to relocate the family from living in abject poverty under the bridge to a well furnished apartment.

However to our surprise, the couple turned down the offer and would rather prefer to be given N100,000 (to do what?).  Another offer to relocate the man and his family to Lagos outskirt in order to learn a trade to be able to cater for his family was also rejected by the man who would rather prefer to stay in Lagos .

It looks as if the man is very comfortable with his wretched lifestyle under bridge. He did not even care about his pregnant wife and son. Even if he was given the N100,000 he is demanding for, we doubt he make anything meaningful out of it.

As someone earlier stated, may be their situation is money ritual gone wrong.

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