Hon Rotimi Makinde’s Wife Gives Birth To Baby Girl In Texas

rotimi makinde wife baby girl

Feb 20, 2014 – Hon Rotimi Makinde’s Wife Gives Birth To Baby Girl In Texas

Former Nollywood actor-turned politician, Hon Rotimi Makinde and his wife, Oyebanke Oyelami have welcomed a beautiful baby girl in the United States of America.

The former beauty queen who dropped out of OAU, Oyebanke delivered her first baby in Texas on Valentine’s day, February 14.

The little bundle of joy was delivered at Baylor Medical Centre in Irving, Texas on the aforementioned date.

The couple plan to name their baby after Osun State First Lady.

Here is the official announcement made by Rotimi Makinde few hours after the delivery:

“I am glad to announce the arrival of a new baby which I described as “God’s valentine gift” through my beautiful wife,Oyebanke Queen Makinde few hours ago at Baylor Medical centre Irving, Texas USA. The baby would be named after Osun State’s First Lady.
 The baby came few hours shortly after my arrival in USA as I was physically present in the labour room to boost my wife’s morale, we are both full of joy as we give praises to Allah and thanking friends, family and colleagues who keep praying for our success. God bless u all. Hon. Rotimi Makinde”.

The excited honourable has released the picture of his cute baby girl, saying she’s God’s Valentine gift to him.

What a lovely baby girl.

May God bless the couple and their adorable daughter.

This cutie is Rotimi Makinde’s 4th child. Oyebanke Oyelami is his 2nd wife.