How A Difficult Mother-In-Law Married A Village Girl For My Lover

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March 19, 2013 – How A Difficult Mother-In-Law Married A Village Girl For My Lover


Please lady’s learn how to how seek God in every thing you do. I dated a young man for 5yrs,we have a beautiful daughter together, but before then the talks about marrying me the mother said over her dead body. I made move the guy beg stay God ‘ll change her, till the baby come after 2yrs she still refuse. I fasted & prayed until i was left with bone & flesh all to Gods will. The took a girl from his village force his son to marry immediately, the guy is 2mnths in marriage with that girl his mother gave to him. though there are some negative complain the guy give about the girl.

I refuse to do otherwise towards the marriage because I felt God was and his at work for my good. All things worketh for good of those that knows God. This guy keep telling me every day up to date that i am his love, he can not release sperm when making love to his wife except he remember me. That could be true as he come to see me very time, still buying things for me like ever before. maybe i would have die now i in any wanted the marriage by fire and force even with the guy who his parent and family very well said baby maybe God doesn’t want me to die young just as it has happen now.

He still say to me let us the feature that if we were meant for each other we will surely come back it is left for God how he do it but if not let God bless us with the best of all things. Now doing very well with my life and future in Gods hand. Buy inspirational and motivational books read u’ll have wisdom in things like tough time in lime. “