How A Nigerian Man Killed His Best Friend In Dublin Over A Woman – Taiwo Jamani’s Death Details Released

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Nov 16, 2013 – How A Nigerian Man Killed His Best Friend In Dublin Over A Married Woman – Taiwo Jamani’s Murder Details Released

On November 15th, 2013, exclusively shared the story of a popular Dublin-based socialite who passed away on November 13th, 2013 after one month in coma. If you missed the initial story, read it here.

Taiwo Jamani was killed by his best friend, Jooda Akanbi over what sources called “fight over a woman”.

Here is what a source from Dublin said over the case:

The problem was not this year issue, it happened some time last year and is “dem say”. The killer was having an affair with a woman that the husband left because of her “waka waka” wahala with 3 grown kids. These men are married and are friends, but the killer was dating the mother of 3.

On the day of the attack, Taiwo Jamani went to meet the woman and told her that she is not supposed to be dating Jooda Akanbi” the mother of 3 went and told the killer after they have settled and that is when the killer sent message to the deceased that he will kill him for spoiling his market.

My fellow Nigerians, there was a 3rd man from the same tribe greeting the deceased by the road side when he parked his car.

The killer, Jooda Akanbi was driving on the road when he spotted the deceased. He stopped in the middle of the road and started abusing Taiwo Jamani using all sort of abusive words. He later pulled over and parked.

Jooda Akanbi went to his boot and the deceased decided to go and talk to his “friend” as a mature guy. On getting to him, Jooda slapped him and since this was happening on a main street day time the deceased turned back and walked away.

As he was walking away, the killer took his baseball bat and hit Taiwo on the head. As he fell down unconscious, Jooda continue hitting him till some white guys started shouting on him and someone went and called the police (garda). The police station is about 2-3mins walk from the murder scene.

The 3rd guy that was with the deceased did not do anything during the alleged murder. He didn’t give witness to police when police called for eye witness, but the mother of 3 went to testify against the killer that he has used that same baseball bat to hit her. The 3rd guy that was there, that saw everything that happened told me this story because I’m not there and the white guys that saw how he was brutally murdered also said so.

The actors here are from the same tribe and tell me how on earth will you be with someone greeting him and someone hit him four times and you did not do anything all because of fear.

The 3rd guy said that the killer has used the baseball bat to threaten him on several occasions and that’s why he didn’t intervene.

The mother of 3 that caused all the problem has moved on with her life. She is now with another married man that is in asylum hostel with his family. He has since left his family and now stays with that same woman. The deceased family is in Holland while the killer is married to an Irish woman living in the same area where the murder happened.

The deceased has been on life support for the past one month and with no sign of improvement. The doctors said there is no need of letting him suffer for nothing.

On November 13th, 2013, they took him off life support.

May his soul rest in peace.

[Story written by Jude Aki from Dublin]

Important Message: For those of you thinking the article was written by us, please be warned, the story was submitted by a visitor from Dublin who received the message from a witness from the murder scene.

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