How Bullet Proof Door Saved Nigerian Oil Billionaire From Hired Killers In Abuja

Abdulrahman Musa hired killers

May 22, 2014 – How Bullet Proof Door Saved Nigerian Oil Billionaire From Hired Killers In Abuja; Abdulrahman Musa Basir Of Rahmaniyya Oil Relocates To Dubai

A couple of weeks ago, famous billionaire and chairman of Rahmaniyya Oil, Alhaji Abdulrahman Musa, encountered one of the worst nightmares of his life. A gang of armed men had visited his Abuja home in the middle of the night. According to reports, the attackers came in and tied the mobile policemen at the gate to the mansion and entered the main building where he resided with his family. They allegedly got hold of one of his children from the rooms and brought her to the oil magnate’s door, asking her to cry that she had stomach pain and she needed help. As the billionaire’s wife who was in another room got a hint that there were intruders in the house, she allegedly called her husband who was said to have made repeated calls to his Chief Security Detail, who stayed in an adjacent building but the guy refused to pick.

Aside from divine intervention, the other saving grace for the Rahmaniyya Oil boss, according to reports, was that the doors to his room and that of his wife could not be opened from outside, as they were bullet-proof. After shooting several bullets at the door to no avail, the assassins left. Meanwhile, sensing that they were not after money, as his wife’s pleas that they would be given money was rebuffed, the billionaire allegedly scaled the wall of his house, having escaped through a window that was designed for such purpose. He fell and sustained wounds in the process, breaking an arm and a leg with several other bruises. According to the report, Abdulrahman escaped into the adjourning building which also belonged to him. It was while there that he called his Security Detail again and the guy picked up this time.
Sources disclosed that the billionaire requested that his driver escort him to the hospital, since he wasn’t sure if the Chief Detail didn’t know about the attack. Subsequently, the billionaire was taken to a private hospital, located somewhere in Abuja.

According to sources, the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar is miffed with what happened and has since ordered that the Mobile policemen be kept in the guardroom while investigations continue over what really happened and how the security men were caught unaware despite the fact that they were armed to the teeth.

The news currently making the round, has it that the oil billionaire has moved his immediate family out of the country, while he has also relocated to Dubai to complete his treatment. Rahmaniyya oil boss, Abdulrahman Musa owns the biggest oil depot in West Africa, which is located in Lagos. Also, he has hundreds of major fuel outlet in the country. The businessman who is in his very early forties is said to have vowed to keep off the country, unless pressing business interests force him to come back home as the whole incident is said to have jolted him to an emotional reverie.

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