“How Can U An Igbo Girl Be Working For APC” – PDP-Sent DSS Officers Mocked Arrested APC Staff

apc staff arrested dss

Jan 12, 2015 – “How Can U An Igbo Girl Be Working For APC” – PDP-Sent SSS Officers Mocked Arrested APC Staff

APC Data Centre staff members arrested recently by DSS officials at the party’s secretariat in Lagos have narrated their ordeal.

4-months old pregnant Esther Enemuwe narrated her ordeal to journalists on Friday.

According to Enemuwe, some DSS personnel had stormed her residence when she was arrested and accused her of com­mitting a crime against the country. She said she was arrested and first taken to the security agency’s office in Lagos, before she was eventually transferred to Abuja by air.

In her own words:

“They came to my house around 11.45am, led by one Daniel and six other officers in an OP MESA Hiliux van and they said I had what it takes to destroy the enemy. I asked them who the enemy was but Daniel said I was not being co-operative and took me to their office in Shangisha, Lagos.

“They insulted me repeatedly and ac­cused me of being a threat because I was working with the APC. They said how could I be working for a party like the APC. They said how could an Igbo girl be working with a party like the APC instead of the PDP, they mocked me, saying we are the ones that want to change Nigeria

“They released me around 8pm and told me to leave but held unto my phones. They said I should come on Monday for the phones but when I got to their office, they handcuffed me and took me to Abuja with my colleagues. They blindfolded us and took us to their centre and accused of us cloning PVCs,”Enemuwe explained.

“I consis­tently told them that my job was to super­vise information and collate the data but they refused and said I would never leave their custody as they had the right to hold me for as long as they want. Due to the poor condition I was subjected to, I started having pelvic pains and I began to bleed.

“I complained and was taken to their clinic but it was a male doctor that was there and he said he was not allowed to touch female patients. He only observed me and took me back to my room. I com­plained but they never answered me again.

Another woman, Ebun Ilori, a data entry supervisor also narrated her ordeal:

“They told us that we were presidential suspects and that we would die in custody. Once in a while, when­ever we were taken to go and shower, they would handcuff us and blindfold us. They said the APC could not help us and had even forgotten us and the party had embarked on campaigns.”

APC has suddenly become a threat to PDP and it is so obvious to all Nigerians.

These desperate politicians should stop torturing innocent civilians all because of power.