How Nigerian Actor Sam Loco Efe Died. Updates on His Death

what killed sam loco efe

Wednesday August 10, 2011 – How Nigerian Actor Sam Loco Efe Died. Updates on His Death

Additional information around the quick death of high profile Nollywood actor, Sam Loco Efe is now released. Based on the the info received from Mr Segun Arinze, The President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, the late actor passed away during his sleep at a well-known hotel room in Owerri.

Sam’s family and friends began panicking when he didn’t respond to all his calls. The hotel manager was contacted which later prompted an order to force his hotel door opened. To their surprises, they found his lifeless body lying on the bed.
Though prior to his death, he’s said to have been complaining of heart seizure.

66 year-old Sam Loco previously checked-into the hotel room in an effort to commence the editing of his forthcoming movie titled “The Unknown Prophet”.
His corpse has been transferred to a teaching medical center in Owerri where an autopsy is set to be carried out in order to determine the exact cause of his death.

Sam Loco Efe we love you but God loves you the most. May your lovely soul rest in the bossom of God till we meet again.