How Nigerian Army Killed Fake Shekau; 10 Boko Haram Cell Leaders Surrender In Borno

photo fake shekau killed

Sept 23, 2014 – How Nigerian Troops Killed Fake Shekau: Over 600 Boko Haram Members & Leader Killed In Konduga

10 Boko Haram Members, Cell Leaders Surrender In Kawuri, Borno State

Few days after the death of their leader, another set of Boko Haram commanders have surrendered to the Nigerian army.

The now coward Boko Haram commanders have surrendered their weapons and pleaded for mercy.

According to the DHQ, intense anti-terrorism operation is currently ongoing in different part of Borno.

How Fake Shekau Was Killed

Meanwhile, military sources, on Monday, revealed how the Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau, was killed during the battle to regain Konduga, Borno State.

Informed sources disclosed to the Nigerian Tribune that Shekau had mobilised all his commanders to wage war against the Nigerian troops to regain the town.

The source said he had vowed to use Konduga to unleash the attack on Maiduguri, but, while planning his strategy, he did not know that the military was also planning ahead of him.

According to the source, Shekau had mobilised over 600 of his members for the battle with their armoured personnel carrier.

During the battle, the source said Shekau was shot on the legs and could not move, while the soldiers rushed and captured him.

He revealed that the Boko Haram leader was made to use his special signal phone to invite all his members to Konduga, on the premise that the Nigerian troops had been captured.

Unsuspecting members, it was gathered, moved to Konduga, jubilating that their leader and his men had recaptured the town, only for the troops to attack them, killing scores in the process.

During the shoot-out, it was gathered that Shekau made attempt to escape, but was shot dead.

Earlier, the source said Shekau had confirmed to the troops that he was not the original Shekau, and that their leader, the original Shekau, had been killed a year ago.