How We Arranged Lowo Oyediran To Meet Yewande Fatoki In Dubai – Adelani Oyediran

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Feb 5, 2016 – How We Arranged Lowo Oyediran To Meet Yewande Fatoki In Dubai – Adelani Oyediran

Lowo Oyediran Married Yewande Fatoki In Ibadan In 2013

According to Adelani Oyediran, the elder brother of the late Nigerian man murdered by his wife at General Gas area of Akobo Ibadan on the 2nd of February 2016, Lowo and Yewande got married on February 9, 2013 at the Cathedral of St Peters’ Aremo, Ibadan. He said Lowo travelled to France in 2006 and did not come back to Nigeria until 2013 when he got married.

He further explained that Lowo contacted him in 2012 that he wanted a responsible Nigerian lady to marry and Yewande was introduced to the family by her younger sister, who got married to a native of Gbongan based in the United State. His family, he said, arranged for how Lowo and Yewande met in Dubai before they decided to get married.

Reacting to the incident, clinical psychologist, Dr. Richard Adebayo, said it was possible that Yewande is an introvert, one that doesn’t talk much or complain. He stresses that when quiet people finally speak they usually do so abnormally. But, according to him, it would be a different scenario when you are dealing with one that doesn’t tolerate nonsense or one that often speaks out when he or she doesn’t like a gesture.

“When you are relating with someone who expresses her or his mind, who does not have any stomach to bottle up things, you would always watch your limit or thread carefully.” For a sociologist, Dr. Oludayo Tade, there is peculiarity in any situation. He admitted that it would be inappropriate to make judgment since he wasn’t close to the couple.

“But no matter how gentle we are as humans we can be reactionary sometimes. “It could be a kind of psychological defect at that time. We are in Africa; we can’t rule out that too. “There may be a remote control of the sense; I believe so much in that because of my personal experience, though I know many people don’t believe.

“It might also be that the husband had done something to her that actually infiltrated the woman.”