How Witches Helped Dagrin Succeed and Later Killed Him

As of recent we have been hearing lots of rumour about Late rapper Dagrin’s(olaitan olanipekun) involvement in Fetish activities and so on spreading rapidly all over the Industry as soon as Dagrin died, These Rumors have been shut down by every reasonable stake holder in the Industry and has been peddled as Ridiculous and we totally agree But How then can a recent Youtube Confession by a Witch be Explained???

A Woman, had allegedly confessed to initiating Dagrin in a cult and made him blow up, She said members of the Cult includes Obasanjo and Babaginda and that they had to kill Dagrin because he didnt fulfill his own end of the bargain.

Though I feel for Dagrin, his fans and his family but if the story is true, it is a lesson to learn from.

There is nothing good in the dark, if the devil gives you 2 kobo, expect him to take 2 million from you.

RIP Dagrin