“I Saw GEJ, Jonathan Died Of Stroke, Patience Ran Mad, Fayose Impeached & Jailed” – Prophet

gej stroke patience jonathan mad

March 13, 2015 – Nigerian Prophet Says President GEJ, Jonathan Will Die Of Stroke, First Lady Patience Jonathan Will Develop Mental Illness, Fayose ‘ll Be Impeached & Jailed

Another prophet has revealed his own prophecies for Nigeria. According to Prophet Felix Nwa, Buari will win the election and two months after, Fayose will be impeached and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.

Felix said God showed him President Jonathan will be ill and later die of stroke. The shock will turn First Lady Patience Jonathan into a mentally unstable woman.

Prophet Felix concluded by saying that God showed him Nigeria will be divided into two regions two years after Buhari takes office.

Chai! this kind judgement is too strong ooo… God of vengeance please have mercy on these people.