Ini Edo Confirms She Divorced Husband Bcos Of Marriage Problem”I Never Cheated On Him”

ini edo divorced husband

Oct 2nd, 2014 – Ini Edo Speaks: I Divorced My Husband Because Of Marriage Problem

Ini Edo Left Husband Because Of Undisclosed Marriage Problem “I Never Cheated On Him”

Nollywood actress Ini Edo has confirmed that she is a woman of few words.

The screen diva took to Twitter four hours ago to deny reports that her husband left her because she cheated on him.

Ini Edo said she divorced Phillips Ehiagwina because of their differences.

She however didn’t discuss the other issues that led to their divorce.

In her own words:

“I asked for a divorce from my my ex husband cos of lots of irreconcilable differences.i never cheated on my husband. There is a conscious n malicious attempt at tarnishing my image.this whole saga is familiar let’s not forget de past.thanks n God bless”.- posted via Twitter handle @ini4phil

Sources on movie set disclosed that Ini Edo has started showing obvious signs of pregnancy.

If the pregnancy rumour is true, then who is the father of her unborn baby.

Let’s assume it is Phillips then if Ini Edo claims she has never cheated on her long distance husband.

Good luck to her.