Injustice: Muslim Woman Kicked Off Southwest Plane By Rude Flight Attendant In Washington

muslim woman kicked off plane

April 17, 2016 – Injustice: Muslim Woman Disgraced By Rude Flight Attendant On Southwest Flight In Washington

Muslim Woman Kicked Off Southwest Plane By Rude Flight Attendant In Washington

A Somalian-American devout Muslim woman was heading to Seattle from Washington on Wednesday when Southwest airline gave her a seat in between two men after a layover in Chicago.

Because of her religion, she felt uncomfortable in between opposite sex and kindly asked another passenger to trade seats.

Her request was granted but while she was moving to the new spot, a rude flight attendant confronted her and ordered her to leave the airplane.

Humiliated, Hakima Abdulle left the plane as instructed. She was booked onto another flight later that day.

The Council on American Islamic Relations demanded the airline apologize for kicking Abdulle from the plane without reason however the airline didn’t grant their request.

Southwest spokesperson told the media that the flight attendant followed proper procedures.