Is It Proper To Beat, Flog A Child? Watch This Hilarious Video By 2 Angry Men

is it proper to flog a child

July 4th, 2013 – Is It Proper To Beat, Flog A Child? Watch This Hilarious Video By 2 Angry Men

It’s a moment every person knows – when a young boy or girl gets up to mischief and is insolent to an adult – what do you do? In Nigeria, the first reaction is to reach for the cane but James and Harry discuss whether this is the correct approach…

“We are Africans – flog their Nyash!!” shout James and Harry together – co-hosts of Nigeria’s most controversial show – Two Angry Men who are gisting about corporal punishment in Africa.

“This is one place, I don’t care how I sound, whether someone says I am uncouth!” says James. “It’s the only reason I am disciplined now.”

“But don’t forget that these children have a mind and can be spoken to,” says Harry, playing Devil’s Advocate. “It can be detrimental because when you flog the child, you harden the child.”

Most Nigerians do not see flogging a child as deliberate malicious physical abuse – but instead flogging a child is most often done with the palm of the hand or cane on the child’s bottom.

“When they matched the flogging and talking to me – sometimes the talking was much more painful! My Papa told me I would end up like disgraced armed robber – I believed it was worse,” says James. “I preferred the flogging.”

However, two factors are leading to its demise – one is the rise of child rights and protection in the Wes. Studies show that spanking leads to increased aggression in the child. The other problem is the introduction of weapons and violence by cults and gangs into Nigerians schools.

“But parents are helpless for the kind of pekin wey dey born nowadays… even teacher don fear am.”

James and Harry – inviting plenty criticism! – say they support flogging in conjunction with other means to discipline children. These include many stories from their childhood, such as painting school walls with turbine, cleaning the school toilet with a sponge, or counting grains of rice and garri for your mama,

“What is this Oyinbo thing – you are grounded for one week?” James and Harry both laugh. “Please ground me – that is heaven! Is he Nigerian Airways?”

[Source: Battabox]