Is Nigeria’s Ebola Help Phone Number Wrong Or Line Disconnected??

nigeria ebola phone line busy

August 14, 2014 – Is Nigeria’s Ebola Help Phone Number Wrong Or Line Disconnected??

Several hours after Information Minister, Labaran Maku boasted that measures taken by the Federal Government to curtail the spread of the virus “are the best anywhere in the world,” some citizens were shocked when they tried the 080-EBOLA-HELP lines and found out that they were unreachable.

Findings as of Wednesday afternoon showed that while some of the lines were perpetually busy, others rang out.

In the wake of the Ebola virus outbreak, the Lagos State Government had advertised certain telephone numbers on both electronic and print media. It encouraged the public to call the numbers to give reports or seek information.

One of the lines, 080-EBOLA-HELP, which later metamorphosed to a 12 digit number (080326524357) was unreachable as of 3:17pm. Another number, 08033086660 rang out at about 3:55pm when a call was put through to it.

The number, 080326524357, later went through at 8.45pm. A female who picked the line however did not speak much before the call ended. Subsequent calls after that were not answered.