Jibola Dabo Attempted Suicide; How The Nigerian Actor Almost Killed Himself

jibola dabo suicide

August 31, 2013 – Jibola Dabo Attempted Suicide; How The Nollywood Actor Almost Killed Himself

Veteran Nollywood actor Jibola Dabo in this recent interview with Christian Agadibe revealed his past battle with depression that almost ended his life.

The grey-bearded actor who has over 30 years of acting experience revealed how he almost killed himself in his youth days.

Interview excerpt below;

Was there a time you were at the crossroads and contemplated suicide?

Yeah…I wanted to run in front of a car at a point. I was homeless; I had nowhere to sleep. There was no food and I couldn’t steal so I just got tired of everything so I closed my eyes and tried to jump in front of a car and the guy who was at the wheels spat on me and said, ‘oloshi!’

What were you doing during that particular time?

I was looking for a job. I dropped out of secondary school because things were not happening so I said ‘let this thing just go!’At the time I was stuck. I left my village after I finished secondary school and came to earn a living but things just weren’t working out. That was when I took the decision to end it all. Eventually, things picked up a bit for my mum and I went back home and finished secondary school and then I started the second phase of my suffering. But at that time, I had a focus; I knew that I was going to be okay.

Did you help your mum in hawking or anything?

Oh yeah I did a lot of it. I know you probably read this from the paper or the net. I hawked agidi and kerosene.

You talked about your late mother, what do you miss about her?

My mum and I were very close. We talked a lot. Among all her kids I was the closest to her; I was the one who always came and sat down with her and we talked. I miss that.

What was the best advice she gave to you?

She told me I was going to have a lot of women in my life like my father but she advised me never in my life should I come close to another man’s wife; I will not forget that advice.

Jibola Dabo is a polygamist and a popular Nollywood actor. He turned 69 last month.