Jide Kosoko’ Wife Death Case Study: Beware Of Satan Agents Giving Free Gifts In Exchange For Long Life

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June 7, 2016 – Jide Kosoko’s Wife Death Case Study: Beware Of Satan Agents Giving Free Gifts In Exchange For Long Life

Please do not accept any gift from anybody just because that person gives you a gift you cannot turn down. The outcome of this may be deadly. Let me cite an example of a lady who turned down an offer that saved her life.

This is how it happened, her friend visited her and offer her $1000 dollars for her birthday gift. She said oh my friend, I missed your birthday and I’m trying to make it up for you. So she offered her the money but the lady rejected the money and said thanks I don’t want it. She insisted but the lady turned down the offer.

Prior to the incidence, her mother had told her about a bad dream she had about her and warned her that the revelation that came was for her not to accept outrageous gift from anybody because that unknown individual want to use the money to buy long life for himself/ herself.

The lady who offered the money died a month after. Later, the other lady who rejected the doubtful gift revealed the secret after the demise of her friend. This is a true life confession and I witnessed it. I was really surprised because I don’t normally belief such superstitious thing but I believed this one because some other friends confirmed it because she appealed to them to convince the lady in question.

Now fast forward to the current issue with Nollywood actor Jide Kosoko, he or she may not know that he’s been used. Anything can happen in Nigeria because quick Rich syndrome that currently engulf our Country now. Our politicians will use human flesh to prepare soup for the innocent people in order to win an election.

Devil will entice you with everything that is good in this world such as nice car, money and worldly materials in exchange for your life.

What is happening in Nigeria now is not an ordinary. The rate at which people are looking for money now is terrible.

The agents of Lucifer are around every corner looking for feeble minded soul to deceive and destroy.

My people beware, what you think is a gift is not necessary a gift but a trick to bring you down.

[Opinion piece By popular commentator Jilo]