“Jim Iyke Is A Wicked Man, He Used & Dumped Me After 6 Years” – Ex-Jamaican Girlfriend, Keturah Hamilton

jim iyke dumps keturah hamilton

June 9, 2013 – Jim Iyke’s Ex-Jamaican Girlfriend, Keturah Hamilton Decries Heartbreak: “He Used & Dumped Me After 6 Years”

“Jim Iyke Is A Wicked Man, He Used & Dumped Me After 6 Years” – Ex-Jamaican Girlfriend, Keturah Hamilton

Keturah Hamilton, the former girlfriend of Nollywood actor Jim Iyke has opened up months after her painful heartbreak experience.

The Jamaican model who lavished money and resources on the popular Nollywood actor said she is the one who brought him success in his talk show.

In a recent interview, hear what emotionally devastated Keturah Hamilton said;

“These days, I ask God: Why has thou forsaken me? How can a man with  whom we had gone through the highs and the lows – a man who had  professed so much undying love for me over the past six years just walk  away like that? I don’t know what happened and I wish I could put a  finger on it.” Keturah had told me, sounding sad and exasperated.Their romance was strong, and Jim had spoken severally of plans to walk  down the aisle with her. He had told me a number of times that in  Keturah, he had found “a perfect mate – someone who was “sexy,  intellectually curious, exotic and edgy.”

I played along in the reality  show as if I truly was a jealous and crazy lover. It was an act, but now  I feel as if Jim set me up. He is a wicked man. I stood by him through  all his troubles and tribulations. I helped bring him to the limelight  when the light of his career was dimming. He is an ingrate and I leave  him to God.”

I just can’t  believe Jim would be this ungrateful – after all I have done for him. I have not been able to accept this and I am truly in a state of  shock. If Jim could treat me the way he did, after six years of being  there for him, supporting him, encouraging him in all that he did, then I wish Nadia the best of luck.”

This woman is deeply hurt.

What could have gone wrong between her and Jim Iyke.

During the course of their relationship, Jim Iyke vowed to marry her.

Who knows what caused Jimmy to change his mind so quick.

The actor has moved on with fellow movie star, Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari.

Be strong Keturah, God will comfort you.