Jim Iyke Tenders Apology Over Ebola Comment About Liberia

August 7, 2014 – Jim Iyke Tenders Apology Over Ebola Comment About Liberia

Nollywood actor turned talk show host Jim Iyke has tendered a public apology after his comment about Ebola outbreak in Liberia was taken out of context.

In a recent press statement, the actor said he didn’t intend to instill fear about the deadly virus in anyone.

The Press Statement reads:

“May I humbly apologize if my comments on Ebola – based on fear – were taken out of context.” The last thing I wanted to do was to alarm anyone.

My heart goes out to all the families who have been affected by the Ebola virus – those who have lost their lives or loved ones, those who are still bravely fighting the disease
and all of the communities who are battling to keep the infection under control. You are all in my prayers.

As I travel constantly across continents, most recently USA, Senegal, Liberia, Ghana, Gambia, I have been screened where and when necessary along with the other passengers and I believe it is the responsibility of every citizen to be vigilant and help contain the outbreak by following the advice of the local and international medical professionals and government officials”.


Here is the comment Jim Iyke made about Ebola in Liberia while leaving Monrovia last week

“Monrovia, unfinished biz; Leavin tonite. Nt ashamed to admit tis ish scares the Jesus outta me. #Ebola!!!!”

Is anything wrong with the above comment???