John Dumelo’s Wife Confesses To “Me & John Are Married”

john dumelo wife

April 5, 2013 – John Dumelo’s Wife Confesses To “The News You’re All Hearing Is True”- Harrina Alexander

I’m John Dumelo’s Wife…. Sorry For Not Being Honest – Harrina Alexander

The rumoured wife of Ghanaian actor John Dumelo, Harrina Alexander has come open to via our Facebook page that she apparently lied about he whole secret wedding saga.

Harrina who confessed she is the real wife of John Dumelo said the actor will not be happy for this new revelation.

Here is what Harrina Alexander shared on our Facebook page few minutes ago

“Hello everyone.. I am John dumelo wife. The news that you all are hearing is true. I am not a liar. But because the way the news came out I denied the rumor. But I am saying sorry for not being honest. Of course John dumelo will not be happy with me releasing this statement. But it’s already out so. Just want to apologize”

Hello to all John dumelo friends and family, I am sorry for the rumor that is going around in the media, but it’s not a rumor. Me and John are married . And I apologize for not telling the truth in the first place. I know my husband John will not like that I came out about the false statement I made but its already out no need to lie.

Thanks harrina

john dumelo wife

If we are to go by Harrina’s apology, then John Dumelo is married.