Joseph Yobo & Keshi Retire As Super Eagles Captain & Coach After World Cup Defeat

joseph yobo retires

June 30, 2014 – Joseph Yobo Retires As Super Eagles Captain After Scoring Against Nigeria At The World Cup

Joseph Yobo & Keshi Retire As Super Eagles Captain & Coach After World Cup Defeat

Super Eagles Captain Joseph Yobo has left the Super Eagles after he mistakenly scored against his own team in Brazil tonight.

Though he played really well tonight but luck was not on Nigeria’s side today in Brazil.

Angered by the own goal, some Nigerians took to his wife, Adaeze Yobo’s Instagram page to rained all sorts of abusive words on her.

Instead of ignoring them, Adaeze fired them right back.

“All you hateful people that didn’t even realise it was own goal at first Heck, most of y’l didn’t even watch that last minute of the match that’s if Nepa gave yu light to watch the game at all but as son as they confirmed it was own goal by Yobo Y’ll be like let’s go ham on his wife “ – Adaeze said on Instagram

Joseph Yobo has retired from the Super Eagles to spend more time with his family and his club football.

Read what he said on his Instagram page;

“I’m moving on with life,” Yobo said. “It’s time to spend more time with the family and focus on club football. I’d like to thank the Nigeria fans and thank all the players. It’s been a pleasure, it’s been wonderful.

“I won the African Nations Cup, came this far at a World Cup I never thought I’d make because of injury. Hopefully (the young players) will carry on from here. We have done a lot of things behind the scenes, put a lot of hard work in together, As a leader, they know what I’ve brought in so it’s just to carry on where we finished.”

Keshi too is leaving Nigeria for South Africa.

This is serious… who is left to play for Nigeria.????