Justice For Dr Suraj Giwa: Ibinabo Fiberesima’s Appeal Walk, An Insult To Justice System In Nigeria

justice for dr suraj giwa

May 4, 2016 – Ibinabo Fiberesima Pardon Walk: Open Letter On Battered Justice System In Nigeria

Justice For Late Doctor Suraju Giwa: Ibinabo Fiberesima’s Pardon Walk, An Insult To Justice System In Nigeria

Letter by Popular commentator Dem on the planned Pardon Walk for ex-AGN President Ibinabo Fiberesima

I’m really shocked. Where is the justice system in my country. Does it mean that some people are bigger than the justice or too beautiful to spend time for the crime committed.

This is an individual who is currently having three different criminal cases in court
1. Abuse of office
2. Denial of peoples right and refusal to pay the most beautiful girl contract
3. Murder case

Does that mean it is right for some people to be denied their right because the plaintiff knows some people in high places?

I wept for my country and the level of understanding and education of our nonentity Nollywood stars.

Anyway nothing good comes from Nollywood.

This is an insult and denial of the GIWAs right. It is against the Human Right law.

If you want to ask for pardon, I will say make sure you ask for pardon for all the prisoners in confinement, remember Boko Haram that has murdered lot of innocent Nigerians because of poverty, remember Diezani that was involved in huge embezzlement which made an average Nigerian jobless, remember those that are involved in stealing $2 Billion in arms deal which led to many Nigerians suffering today, remember all the criminals working on the street, and finally think twice of your career.

This your useless walk may end up hurting you in future.

If such unjustified and meaningless walk is granted in countries you go over for holidays, such as America,UK,Dubai,etc, I am sure you will not be safe or proud to be there.

I do not care whoever is going through the justice system, all I am saying is justice must be done.

If Ibinabo has a good case and lawyer, he should go and defend her not as aggressively appealing to the public for justice.

Also, who is the arm of government that granted permission to walk or protest on the street being maintained by tax payers.

Where are the good lawyers in Nigeria that can defend THE GIWAS Human Right.

Finally I pray that those of you going for the walk and your children, siblings, and extended family will share the same faith like GIWAS family at the shine of your career.

If Ibinabo is not guilty, why would she be appealing to the public.

[Opinion letter by Dem]