Kevin Hart Tops List Of World’s Highest Paid Comedians Of 2016 With Net Worth $87.5Million

kevin hart world's highest paid comedian 2016

September 28, 2016 – Kevin Hart Dethrones Jerry Seinfeld As Highest Paid Comedian In The World With Net Worth $87.5Million

Popular comedian Jerry Seinfeld has lost his position to Kevin Hart on the list of world’s highest paid comic stars.

According to Forbes Magazine latest list, Mr Hart’s net worth currently sits at $87.5million.

He made his millions from hit movies like Secret Life of Pets, Ride Along and Central Intelligence.

His lucrative ‘What Now? comedy tour also contributed to his 2016 earnings.

Here is the list of world’s highest paid comedians in 2016 and their net worth.

world's highest paid comedians 2016