Kim Kardashian Loses 100K Fans After Mario Balotelli Called Her A Surgery Addict

kim kardashian mario batoletti

April 29, 2017 – Kim Kardashian Loses Over 100K Fans After Mario Balotelli Called Her Fake Due To Plastic Surgeries & Photoshop Trick

This is definitely not a good week for Mama North West ( Kim K) after fans swooped in on her the moment Italian striker Mario Balotelli ripped her apart after her unairbrushed beach photo surfaced on the net.

Balotelli who tongue-lashed Kanye West called Kim K “the only woman that got worse with surgery”

See what fans are saying about Kim K’s Photoshop drama

Why is everyone blaming Kim Kardashian for simply aging????

It seems surgery is no longer helping Kim Kardashian after two kids.