Lady Blasts Jude Okoye, Stop Hating Lola Omotayo & Peter, Your Wife Slept With Rich Men

jude okoye marriage

July 20, 2014 – Lady Blasts Jude Okoye, Stop Hating Lola Omotayo & Peter, Your Wife Slept With Rich Men In The Past

Still on Jude Okoye and his deep hatred for his brother’s wife, Lola Omotayo.

A lady today took to his IG page to speak her mind on the tribal issue affecting Jude and Lola Omotayo.

As we all aware that Lola Omotayo is mixed but her father hailed from the Yoruba side while Peter, her hubby is from Anambra.

Read what a lady identified as Stacyyy35 has to say about this issue:

“Not to be mean or anything but I wonder if Jude can now understand the concept of choice. There he was making issue abt Lola that she is this she is that but failed to understand that a man’s choice is his choice us can only judge from outside nd nvr know wat kind of joy nd fulfillment a particular woman gives a particular man u’ll never know how she handled his deepest nd darkest thoughts and insecurities. You judge based on what u heard or past life style. Truth be told these days in Nigeria all girls have a past life style cus single guys r more attracted to the glitz nd glamour of a lady, how she dresses hair, car etc but to meet a girl that is ordinary nd make her extraordinary instead they consider those ones low class
She is not classy well that class u guys are so much attracted to it’s another woman’s husband that buys it even if her papa na Adenuga there is an aristo or several 4 that matter somewhere .

Back to Jude u judge Peter nd Lola for choosing each other apparently u though she wasn’t good enough forgetting in the end it is him that is living with her and not you, who did u choose? An Ex beauty queen, if by now u don’t now that pageants are auditions organized by rich men to choose and sleep with girls u most be slow.

Your wife is no different this I know am not saying. There is nothing wrong with that but in the end no woman is perfect and don’t carry another persons choice of a life partner on your head because trust me yours will not be different may be even worse that u don’t know and might never know doesn’t mean it is not true and people around you know as well but all that should matter is who is this woman to me?
Does she get me? Does she love me in truth? Not her past. I hope you get it now and stop being holier than thou towards your brother and his wife and this go to the rest holier than thou preachers ”

Jude has since removed the message from his Instagram page and banned the user.

Jude Okoye’s wife is the winner of Miss Tourism beauty pageant in 2012.