Lagos’ Governor Fashola Approves 6 Months Maternity Leave For New Mothers

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July 17, 2014 – Lagos’ Govenor Fashola Approves 6 Months Maternity Leave For New Mothers

Lagos is the first state in Nigeria to ever approve maternity leave for civil servants

Lagos state has made history as the only state in Nigeria to ever give civil servants a maternity leave.

During a news conference today in Alausa Lagos, Josephine Williams, The Head of Service confirmed that Governor Fashola has approved 24 weeks maternity leave with full pay in the case of a nursing mother’s first two deliveries, saying that the said leave shall commence at least two weeks before the expected delivery date.

She added that a male officer to whom a new baby (or babies in case of multiple births) is born shall be entitled to 10 working days paternity leave in relation to and at the time of his spouse’s first two deliveries.

Here is the transcript of her Press conference:

“Any third and subsequent deliveries by any employee shall only attract 12 weeks maternity leave for female officers, while the male officer shall not be entitled to paternity leave in that circumstance.

“In other words, leave entitlement in respect of the third and subsequent children of an employee shall be in line with the extant (now old) maternity leave regulations. It would be recalled that in the old dispensation, female officers were entitled to only 12 weeks maternity leave at every point of delivery, while male officers do not enjoy paternity leave. The 12 weeks were to be taken six weeks before and six weeks after delivery,” .

“However, at six months, a baby is considered strong enough to be left in a decent crèche for proper care having gone through close affection and nurturing by the mother for those very important and delicate first few months of his or her life,” .

“While it is hoped that nursing parent-employees in Lagos State Public Service would utilise this privilege to devote fuller attention to their children, thereby promoting emotional bonding between parent and children when it matters the most, all public officers are again enjoined to remain dedicated and productive in their various beats and schedules,” .

The new policy is to take effect immediately.

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