Liz Anjorin: I Want Saidi Balogun To Postpone His 50th Birthday Party, Our Fight Still Unsettled

saidi balogun shift birthday date

June 8, 2017 – Liz Anjorin: I Want Saidi Balogun To Shift His 50th Birthday Party, We Are Yet To Resolve Our Fight

On Monday, the DG of FCMB and a traditional ruler in Ago Iwoye intervened in the ongoing beef between Saidi Balogun and Liz Anjorin in regards to Owo Bet movie premiere and Saidi’s 50th birthday celebration date clash.

After the meeting, photos of the two together went viral which led many to believe that they have settled their rift but it is indeed not over.

In a chat with Goldmyne, Liz Anjorin said Saidi Balogun is yet to agree to her request to postpone his birthday party since it clashed with the day of her movie premiere (July 7, 2017).

Liz Anjorin was the first to pick the date for Owo Naira movie premiere before Saidi Balogun intentionally fixed his birthday on the same day, an effort to sabotage Owo Naira movie premiere.

Liz Anjorin said the beef is ongoing as Saidi is determined to put her to shame.