Lola Margaret Still In Atlanta Police Detention: How Yahoo Yahoo Boys Got Actress Into Trouble

lola margaret fraud case

July 13, 2017  – Nollywood Actress Lola Margaret Fraud Case: How Atlanta Police Arrested Inside The Bank While Attempting To Make Huge Withdrawal

Lola Margaret Oladipupo Still In Atlanta Police Custody: How Yahoo Plus Boys, Fraudsters Got Nollywood Actress Into Trouble

Popular Nollywood actress Lola Margaret who was arrested recently for her involvement in a money laundering case is still in Atlanta Police custody.

According to her colleagues, the actress became messed up when she started collecting money on behalf of Yahoo boys ripping “mugun” people off their hard earned money.

Her last attempt to withdraw a huge amount of money got her into police net.

The actress who uses a different name in the United States is now being called wire wire actress by fans.