Majid Michel Tells Reporter: I’m Not A Ghanaian Actor

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Feb 5, 2016 – Majid Michel Tells Reporter: I’m Not A Ghanaian Actor

Popular Ghanaian actor Majid Michel recently created a controversy during a press briefing in Accra Ghana.

The actor warned reporters during the launch of Kofas Media’s new movie project “Amakye & Dede” to stop addressing him as a Ghanaian actor.

During the question and answer session of the conference, Majid Michel was asked if there is a funny bone in him, and if there is, how he can make viewers of “Amakye & Dede” laugh when it’s finally out.

See his response:

 “Well, I am an actor and I believe acting is an act and art is universal… I am not a Ghanaian actor; I am an actor from Ghana. So I was there as an actor and this director said he wants me for a film and I said what is it about and he said this is it.”

Mr Michel was born to a Ghanaian mother and a Lebanese father on the 22nd of September 1980 in Accra Ghana.