Meet Beyonce World’s Smallest Puppy Dog

beyonce worlds smallest puppy

March 27, 2012 – Meet Beyonce World’s Smallest Puppy Dog

The above photo is that of a puppy named Beyonce.

The image courtesy of El Dorado DOG Photography displays a female Dachshund mix puppy named Beyonce next to a cookie in El Dorado Hills, California.

In Northern Calif., animal rescuer claims Beyonce was so small at birth that she could fit into a spoon.

4 oz Beyonce has been submitted to Guinness Worlds Record as worlds smallest dog.

She was named Beyonce because of her miraculous survival story.

Look below for more photos of incredible Beyonce

Photos of World’s Smallest Dog, Beyonce

worlds smallest dog beyonce

beyonce worlds smallest dog 2

beyonce worlds tiniest dog

beyonce worlds smallest dog

Video Of Beyonce World’s Smallest Puppy / Dog

Image credit: El Dorado DOG Photography, Lisa Van Dyke / AP