Meet Blessing Brown, Liberia-Born Nigeria-Based Nollywood Actress Desperate For High Paying Roles

nollywood actress blessing brown from liberia

April 9, 2017 – Meet Blessing Brown Liberia Born Nigeria Based Nollywood Actress Desperate For High Paying Movie Roles

The budding Nollywood actress from Liberia who has now made Nigeria her second home has hinted that she is ready to compromise her womanhood for hard currency.

In a recent interview, Miss Brown revealed that she is ready to lose her dignity if the pay is right.

“For $1 million perhaps I will think about it. Let us see how it goes, I don’t know for now but I can give it a shot if the money is attractive,” 

While further marketing herself, Brown said she is not ready for any figure enhancement surgery because she’s got the body men die for.

Her words:

“I don’t want to go for plastic surgery. My boobs are firm and okay. Even though my butt is not that big I like it; I just like the way I am made.”