Meet The Lady Keeping Queen Wuraola Strong Amidst Marital Crisis

ooni of ife best friend

Saturday August 26, 2017 – Meet The Lady Keeping Queen Wuraola Strong As She Battles Marital Crisis

One lesson Sonia Itohan has learnt in the last couple of weeks is to keep friends very close and enemies at arm’s length because when the world came crashing down on her, it was her friends who formed the wall of protection that prevented her from being crushed into dust.

While her detractors gleefully sharpened their long knives, closing in for the kill, it was those whose friendship with her ran deeper than fame that served as her armour and shield, deflecting the enemy’s blows.

It was just over a week ago that a tabloid site went to town with the ‘news’ that Olori Wuraola had been sent packing from her position as Ooni Enitan Ogunwusi’s queen due to some “unspeakable” acts she allegedly committed.

While the Bini beauty was running from pillar to post trying to defuse the situation in the wake of allegations that she had been involved with older men in a more-than-friendly way, it was her friends like Polo Avenue boss, Jennifer Obayuwana, who rallied to her aid and helped her to fight back at the vicious rumour alleged to be the handiwork of some people who were not comfortable with her position as a Bini queen consort on a Yoruba royal stool.

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