Meet Pilar Olave, LA Woman Who Became Allergic To Life After Her Immune System Turns Against Itself

pilar olave allergic to life

May 25, 2017 – Photos Of Pilar Olave, LA Woman Who Developed Allergic Reaction To The World After Her Immune System Turns Against Itself Due To Longtime Exposure To Gas

A Go Fund Me Page has been opened for 30-year-old Pilar Olave, a budding actress in Los Angeles currently battling to live due to longtime exposure to gas that leaked in her home.

Pilar who was unaware of the presence of an undetected gas which had poisoned her for a number years suddenly developed extreme allergy to life itself.

Her immune system became hyperactive that she was allergic to virtually everything in the world.

She was allergic to food, people, water,clothing and all gadgets with electromagnetic radiation like phone,etc.

As her condition worsened, Pilar and her husband discovered that a gas leak in their home was behind her immune disorder due to lack of oxygen.

Pillar who have frequent episodes of anaphylactic shocks  where her throat would close up left doctors worried as no one could treat her. Her terrible health condition forced her to drop to 20lbs.

She has opened a gofund me page to raise $33K to undergo life saving surgery.

As at today, she has raised $3788 on Gofund Me.