Mikel Obi Duped By Friend Of N100 Million In Nigeria

mikel obi duped by friend

Nov 16, 2013 – Mikel Obi Duped By Friend Of N100 Million In Nigeria

If the story making round is anything to go by, Super Eagles footballer John Mikel Obi might have been duped.

According to sources, Mikel recently gave out a whopping N100 million cash to a close friend to purchase a property.

His bosom friend recommended the property to him and they both agreed on the purchase.

When Mike saw the property somewhere in Lagos, he fell in love with it and gave the friend a go-ahead to buy the land for him.

All of a sudden, his close friend became his worst enemy after he varnished into thin air with the huge stack of cash.

As we speak, Mikel Obi hasn’t been able to talk to the guy after cashing out the money.

An insider who confirmed the story said:

“He still finds it difficult to believe, they were very close… his friend is no longer seen in town and his phone numbers have been switched off”

The footballer is yet to officially talk about the case.

The love of money is the root of all evil.