Muhammadu Buhari To Contest For 2015 Presidential Elections

Muhammadu buhariMuhammadu Buhari

Nov 28, 2011 – Muhammadu Buhari To Contest For 2015 Presidential Elections

According to the tribune, serial and desperate presidential aspirant Muhammadu Buhari may have rescinded his decision to quit active politics afterall. In the last general elections, teary Buhari told his supporters it was going to be his last time of running for an elective post in Nigeria. For now, the former military ruler is changing his mind because sustainable democracy is yet to be entrenched in Nigeria and charged his supporters to gird their loins for the 2015 general elections.

I won’t quit politics until good governance and sustainable democracy is entrenched in this country. We should not be illusioned that demoracy dividends will ever come to us easily without making sacrifices and the time for proper change is 2015,”Buhari said.

Let’s face the fact, Buhari needs to understand his time is up, imagine him contesting with the likes of Goodluck Jonathan who were secondary school student when he was ruling Nigeria in 1984 as a Military president.