Muslim Lady Poisoned By Father For Getting Pregnant For Christian Lover In Plateau Escapes Death

muslim girl poisoned by father pregnant christian boy

May 15, 2017 – Muslim Lady Poisoned By Father For Getting Pregnant For Christian Man In Plateau Escapes Death

According to Gomwalk Rotji, a young Muslim lady has escaped death in Pankshin area of Plateau state days after she was impregnated by her Christian boyfriend.

When her father, a devout Muslim got to know about the pregnancy, he mixed rat poison with her food in order to carry out honour killing however, the timely intervention of her mother who advised her against eating the food saved her.

The unidentified lady moved out of her parents home to the home of her Christian lover and was welcomed in good faith.

Still not satisfied, her father took the case to Civil Defence Office where he was turned down since the lovers have agreed to marry each other.

He has since transferred the case to a local court.