My Hubby Loves My Tight Fitting Outfits – Mercy Johnson

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June 23, 2012 – My Husband Loves My Tight Fitting Dresses – Mercy Johnson

Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson revealed her intimate details in an indepth interview with LIFE&BEAT Magazine.

The sexy screen goddess who recently got Best Actress of The Year Award dedicated it to her husband, Prince Odianose Okojie whom she described as “the best thing to happen to me

I married the only man on earth who is sweet, tolerant, very understanding, loving, caring and a strong pillar of support in all aspects of my life,” Mercy Johnson

Mercy’s numerous fans across Africa, no doubt, had expected a sharp change in her dress sense after she got married.

Some of them felt that her husband would make her discard those body-hugging dresses that used to stir up controversies around her.

But they were wrong.

The truth is that Mercy’s husband isn’t worried a bit about her choice of dresses. In fact, he even picks her dresses.

I can tell you with absolute joy that my dress sense is one of the qualities that attracted my husband to me,”.

“As a married couple, we’re happy and overcoming the challenges that come with marriage.

He is not a conservative man. He is forward-looking and fashion-conscious. I love him dearly and he loves me in spite of my faults.

“You would be surprised to see the kind of clothes he specially picked for me from top designers around the world. If I wear those clothes to public functions, many conservative people would have a heart attack.

I’ve been pleading with him to let me be dressing like a married woman. Ours is a union built first on friendship, love, trust and complete faith in God.