My Husband is a Stallion in Bed; I Need Your Advise

husband is a stallion in bed

Dec 16, 2011 – My Husband is a Stallion in Bed. I Need Your Advise

Guys, I really need advise from the real people out there that have gone through what I am experiencing right now. I am a happily married woman. I love my husband to distraction and I find him extremely sexy and hot. Plus, my husband is a stallion in bed, always trying different positions and moves… Below are my main questions
1) How do I tell him I really do not like doggy style? It hurts. I fear he might just sulk and not talk to me If I tell him. You know how men are like big babies.
2) How do I tell him I am not always in the mood, I don’t enjoy it when he feels like he is seducing me after I tell him “later”. I usually let him have his way but feel exhausted and weirdly used.
3) Why must he want sex every day? For goodness sake, is it food? Not like I do not enjoy it but I do not enjoy it every day. What is wrong with just cuddling your wife for the night? Or just holding her tight without you know? Sometimes a woman picks a fight with you in the hope that you ll be angry and stay off her for that night. Not my husband, he will still “seduce” me and after still be fighting with me.
Out of curiousity, I wanna know if this is this happening to only me?

If it has happened to you, how have you been able to handle it and resolve the tension? And if you are a man, what is your opinion about these things. Thank you so much. For more relationship / romance articles, click here