My Nigerian Boyfriend Is A Virgin But I’m Not, How Do I Tell Him The Truth

my nigerian boyfriend is a virgin

November 13, 2016 – I’m Not A Virgin But My Nigerian Boyfriend Is, How Do I Tell Him The Truth

I am currently in a serious relationship with the man of my dreams. Our families have already been involved and we are about to be engaged. I would do anything not to lose him.

This is the man I am absolutely in love with. He has been asking about my past, and because he’s a practicing Christian, he has never had sex. I have been lying to him about my past sexual activities.

When I’ve slept with countless of guys, I reduced the number to two, which he’s ok with. What bothers me is that as time passes, the more questions he asks about my past; the more I lie to him. He wants to know the details: the who-when-where-and How.

The lie is eating me up! I am scared of telling him the truth because I’m scared he won’t be able to accept me! What should I do?

Olajumoke writes from Akure Ondo state