The Little Girl Whose Feet Won’t Stop Growing

yu yu feet

July 19, 2012 – The Little Girl Whose Feet Won’t Stop Growing

This 3-yr old Chinese girl identified as Yu Yu is currently in pain as her feet have refused to stop growing.

The toddler who is suffering from an undiagnosed condition has been forced to walk barefoot because her family could not afford big shoes for her rapidly growing feet.

girl with big leg

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toddler with adult feet

toddler with adult feet

yuyu toddler feet china

Her feet are constantly swollen which makes walking a difficult task.

An x-ray clearly shows the deformity, which forces her feet to curve outwards.

Little Yu Yu lives in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province of China.

Her parents are currently raising money for her treatment.

Her grandfather is also selling all his pigs to raise funds for her treatment at a Beijing hospital.

Hopefully she will get help from a good Samaritan for her medical treatment.