Naija Jokes Of The Day: Phone Conversation Btw Stephen Keshi & Aso Rock

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Feb 14, 2013 – Naija Jokes Of The Day: Phone Conversation Btw Stephen Keshi & Aso Rock

Transcript of the phone conversation between Super Eagles Coach, Stephen Keshi and Aso Rock hours before the Eagles left South Africa…..

ASO ROCK: Congratulations , your boys made us proud!
STEPHEN KESHI: Thank you, your excellency!
ASO ROCK: When are you guys coming?
STEPHEN KESHI: Tomorrow sir.
ASO ROCK: Have you confirmed if the cup is real Gold? … because I don’t
trust CAF at times, they may hide the real Gold and give you a steel
coated with Gold.
STEPHEN KESHI: We have done that sir… even one of the
players broke one part of it and just confirmed that he sold it this
morning at a South African Gold mine… It is original Gold sir!
ASO ROCK: Whaaaaaaaaaat! What about the 1.5 million Dollars that CAF gave you guys?
STEPHEN KESHI: It is with me!
ASO ROCK: I hope it is complete?
STEPHEN KESHI: I didn’t count it?
ASO ROCK: Keshi don’t disappoint me. How on earth would someone give you 1.5 Million Dollars and you didn’t count it in his Presence… ARE YOU

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Plant Egusi

I stopped attending church service in Akure because the pastor kept saying “Plant Egusi”. I just realised he meant “Plant a good seed”

Teacher Vs The Akpos

Teacher:what is d opposite of Ma?



Teacher: Who can now tell me d opposite of madam?

Akpos:d opposite of “Madam” is Sirdam

Teacher: There are three types of rays, Name them.

Akpos: Muka Ray, Murphy Ray n Lasun Ray.

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