NanoSilver Maker Thanks Lagos For Using Drug On Discharged Ebola Virus Patients

nano silver ebola drug

August 22, 2014 – NanoSilver Helped Discharged Ebola Virus Patients In Lagos To Recover 

NanoSilver Maker Thanks Lagos For Using Drug On Discharged Ebola Virus Patients

The company that manufactured Nanosilver drug has come open to say that the drug is an immune booster that helped Ebola patients in Yaba Lagos state Nigeria to recover fully.

The drug is capable of curing Ebola virus disease in some sense because the first target of the virus is the immune system of its host.

The company donated Nanosilver immune booster, which currently had the status of a food supplement, to assist the patients of the current Ebola pandemic.

According to the statement, the donation is to keep the company’s goal of preserving life and because of the history of the use of Silver Solution.

Minerals for Life Ltd., did not claim Nanosilver has a cure for Ebola.

“We seize this opportunity to congratulate the Federal Ministry of Health and the Lagos State Ministry of Health for their proactive approach in fighting the Ebola disease.

“As it has resulted in the recovery of some patients treated with antibiotics and a cocktail of immune boosters.

“Minerals for Life looks forward to the total containment of the Ebola disease and a healthy population of Nigerians,’’ it stated.

See how Naija come turn zmapp makers to mumu… Apparently we administered it on some Ebola patients at the Yaba isolation center and they recovered within days while the one at the terminal stage (Dr Stella Ameyo) passed on few days later.

Kudos to Lagos state government and Nanosilver manufacturer.