Natty Still Alive: Ibinabo Visits NTA’s New Masquerade Actor Romanus Amuta In Enugu

natty still alive

June 10, 2014 – Natty Not Dead: AGN President Ibinabo Fiberesima Visits NTA’s New Masquerade Actor Romanus Amuta In Enugu

Nollywood actor Natty who reportedly passed away this past Saturday is still alive.

Though we received the death story from a reliable Nollywood insider, we’ve just learnt that Natty is still alive.

The death rumour surfaced when the actor went into coma for several hours on Saturday.

As we speak, he is out of coma and responding to treatment.

The President Of Actors’ Guilds of Nigeria, Fiberesima paid him a visit and from the pictures received so far, Natty is doing well.

Natty is partially paralyzed and unable to work by himself.

While speaking with reporters in Enugu, the actor confirms he is very much alive, and praised AGN president Ibinabo Fiberesima for helping save his life.

I am very much alive” he says.

“Ada’m, Ada di ora nma, only God will reward you for saving my life. You have showed me that there is God. Anybody that says you are not working is not well. As you have saved my life, God will continue to preserve you. You brought me to this kind of big man hospital, paid everything, still gave me and my family extra money and still you have bought food stuff for me that doctor said I should be eating, only God can reward you, you have given me hope, now I am free” Amuta said while commending Ibinabo on service to AGN members.

Here are some photos from Ibinabo’s visit to Natty in Enugu.

Thank God for restoring his health.