New Husband Abandons Laide Bakare: Tunde Orilowo Flees To Canada As EFCC Seized Properties

husband abandons laide bakaretunde orilowo flees to canada

May 2nd, 2014 – New Husband Abandons Laide Bakare: Tunde Orilowo Runs To Canada As EFCC Seized Properties

These are not the best of times for Nollywood actress Laide Bakare who recently dumped her ‘not-so-wealthy’ husband for a super-wealthy businessman based in Lagos.

As you are all aware that the mother of two dumped her US-based husband, Olumide Okunfulure for Alhaji Tunde Orilowo last year.

About 2 weeks ago, EFCC issued an arrest warrant for the popular Lagos-based milllionaire for allegedly duping MTN in Yellow Estate project.

According to entertainment insiders, Laide Bakare’s new husband has fled the shores of Nigeria to an unknown destination in Canada in order to evade arrest.

Due to his no-show in court, his assets and properties have been confiscated including a multi-million naira boutique he recently opened for Laide Bakare, his new 2014 Bentley, two gas stations and a mansion.

The big house Laide Bakare moved into in Lekki with her new husband, who is now on the run, has been seized.

The man she dumped to marry a rich man is now doing well, but the actress is having a tough time in the house of the rich man she rushed to marry.

As we speak, Laide Bakare is practically left with nothing.

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