Newborn Baby Found In Septic Tank Behind Female Hostel In Imo State

newborn baby septic tank imo state

Nov 18, 2012 – Newborn Baby Found In Septic Tank Behind Female Hostel In Imo State

The occupants of a private school hostel located near the main gate of a tertiary institution in Imo State known for its relocation crisis woke up on Wednesday morning to behold the sight of a new born tucked inside a soak-away in the hostel.

Eye witnesses told LEADERSHIP WEEKEND that some occupants of the hostel heard the cry of the baby on that fateful day but could not decipher where the sound was coming from.

Their curiosity, according to the witness, spurred some of them to organise a search party. “Fortunately, as we further gathered, the cry of the baby was traced to the soak-away inside the hostel,” a student said.

The search party, comprising mainly male students, allegedly found the baby with a rope tied to a computer. But unfortunately, the baby died before it was brought out of the soak-away. According to a witness, the baby was suspected to be a day-old as its placenta was found dangling from his neck.

The rescue team, it was learnt, subsequently searched all the rooms occupied by female students but could not trace the baby’s mother. The matter was reported to the police in Owerri, who have intensified investigation.(Source: Leadership News)