Nigeria Christmas Day Bombing: Bomb Blast Hits Catholic Church In Abuja – Over 60 Injured

boko haram bombing at st theresa catholic church in madala , abuja 80 people reported dead while several people injured in this latest Christmas day bombing by Boko Haram in Madalla, Niger State.


Dec 25, 2011 – Nigeria Christmas Bombing: Boko Haram Explosion Hits St Theresa Church Close to Abuja just learnt that a massive Boko Haram bomb blast has hit St Theresa Church near Abuja (Madalla, Niger State) during early morning Christmas day mass celebration.

We learnt the explosion hit a church near the Nigerian capital Abuja on Christmas morning, according to an emergency official said, there were several casualties, but he could not immediately provide a figure.

Explosion in St Theresa Church close to Abuja,” said Yushau Shuaib, a spokesman for the National Emergency Management Agency of the blast in the Madala area. Watch the video below

Boko Haram Bomb Blast in St Theresa Catholic Church Near Abuja- Video

People were inside the church at the time of the blast, but Shuaib could not say how many.

Many people people have been confirmed dead while several people injured.

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